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Tindora (Approx 400g)


Tindora (Approx 400g)

Often used in vegetarian recipes, Tindora, also known as Ivy Gourd, looks like a cross between a cucumber and a small gourd. The outer skin is tougher than a cucumber, with more seeds on the inside.



Tindora provides natural forms of vitamins A and C and is high in beta carotene when ripe.

These can be eaten raw, pickled, fried, or steamed and taste great as a garnish.

  • AKA Tondli, Telugu, Tindli, Kundree, Kunduri, Kundru, Kunthru, Kovakka and Thondykaai
  • Tindora 250g
  • Recipes for Tindora include Dondakaya Vepudu (Tindora fry), and Tindora Sabzi