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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, we do not use any chemicals to sanitise our products. We use UV-C to sanitise our products. UV-C killed 99% coronavirus pathogens and other noticeable harmful airborne viruses and bacteria.

    Our fruits and vegetables are sourced locally and we receive them in grade A premium quality, as we receive them we sanitise them with UV-C light and place them in the bag, so the groceries do not come into any human contact, stray surfaces or just being exposed to air; rendering it vulnerable to any bacteria or virus contamination.  Which mean, you receive 99.9% sanitised groceries straight to your doorstep.

    Yes it is safe, it  is FDA approved and we have done our research so that we are not feeding consumers as well as our own families harmful foods. UV-c  is not radioactive and does not alter food chemicals. It is much safer than using unknown and possibly harmful chemicals to sanitise food products that most consumers aren’t aware of.