We all understand that the germs and dirt that accumulates on our surfaces and handles, from the bathroom handle to our keyboards to our phone screens. It should be a regular habit that we clean the surfaces and areas we have control over, However maintaining the cleanliness in the supermarket, whether its floor, trolleys, shelves, handles, doorknobs are not entirely in our control.

Traditional grocery store shopping carts have 361 times more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob.

Traditional supermarkets/grocery stores were by far the worst when it came to dirty shopping carts. Their bacteria levels were almost 10 times the amount found at budget/local grocery stores, and 80 per cent of the bacteria types found were seen as harmful, antibiotic-immune, and could cause illnesses in humans. 

75% of germs identified in grocery shopping carts were harmful. 

Overall, 75% of the grocery cart swabs tested at each of the 100 stores tested positive for a bacteria type known as “gram-negative rods,” which are harmful to us in 90% of cases. 

Superstore fridge doors have 1,235 times more bacteria than the surface of your cell phone

It’s near enough impossible to avoid refrigerator doors in grocery stores and supermarkets, but if you go to large superstores where you can buy groceries in bulk,  you’ll be dealing with the highest levels of bacteria in the refrigerated section.

Superstores were found to have 33,340 bacteria colonies per square inch on fridge doors, as compared to the 27 colonies per square inch found on the average phone surface.

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