We know very little about our supermarkets and many of us most of the time don’t care.  We simply do not know what is being used in these foods to get cleaned, Who is handling them, And who is actually keeping the cleanliness and the hygienic standards in order in stores and supermarkets. Or what is going on inside them?

Children love playing with anything and everything and one thing they love doing is playing with their food. As amusing as it may be we should take a minute to pause and actually think about the food we are consuming. A factor nearly all of us miss is how many people are holding and handling these food products. Long before covid19 supermarket hygiene was not a topic of conversation or much concern.was needed on this matter. The whole reason for this being there has been a lot of points of how they use unknown chemicals to sanitise these foods that we (the general public) do not know if they are harmful or not. Some supermarkets use some wax on fruits to give them more of a shine and appeal, some supermarkets add water or other things to make the weight of groceries heavier.

Another thing that has not been talked about with customers is the “fresh” fruits and vegetables that are on display. I think most of us are guilty of picking up and checking if the produce is ripe or not and then putting it back. This is very unhygienic and the more alarming theme being we do not know if they are cleaned afterwards or just left there the other night. 

So why go to a place that we are not sure if the groceries there are safe or even fresh! This where we come in we believe that it is not fair on customers we have to worry about foods and if they are safe or fresh. We sanitise and provide fresh and great quality groceries straight to your doorstep.