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Dudhi / Bottle Gourd long (Single)


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Dudhi / Bottle Gourd long (Single)

Dudhi is popular Indian vegetable


If you’re a fan of courgettes, then you might just need a bit of Dudhi in your life. Containing 96% water, Long Dudhis are cultivated in tropical climates and need direct sun to grow.

While the exterior of this vegetable was historically made use of in kitchens primarily as a utensil and container due to its gourd shape, over the years the flesh of the Dudhi has also made its way into many a dish.

The taste is described as fresh and gently bitter and is best eaten cooked in both sweet and savoury dishes.

● Also referred to as white gourd, bottle gourd, calabash, white pumpkin, lauki, cucuzza, po gua, opo squash
● Should be cooked as can be harmful eaten raw
● A natural diuretic, Dudhis are high in fibre and low in calories
● Easily digestible, so often served up as a diet option
● Popular recipes featuring Dudhi include Lauki Keer, Lauki Halwa and Lauki Burfi (all desserts), Lauki Chana Dal and Dudhi Muthia