UV-C light is a proven method of killing 99.9% of pathogens and bacteria even Covid19, this is a very effective and efficient way of sanitising food products, as it inactivates and kills the bacteria as well as not being harmful to humans (unless the light is directly in contact on human skin or eye). It is a much safer option compared to Chemically sanitised food products because most of us are unaware of what chemicals are used, and how effective sanitisation procedure is.

Another advantage of using UV-C light as a method of sanitisation is that no matter where the products are coming from we are able to get rid of the fungi or bacteria that come with it. When it comes to traditional sanitising and cleaning methods we are unsure if they are fully effective and have little trust in local and supermarket grocers, ask yourself would you be comfortable eating an apple from the supermarket without cleaning it yourself.

In Conclusion, it will show that UV-light sanitisation is health beneficial and eco-friendly compared to chemical sanitisation as well as needs low maintenance and is much simpler to control and operate. UV-light disinfection kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms at a higher level than any other chemical methods like sanitizing, sterilizing, washing, or bleaching. The risks of illness and death may be reduced due to UV-C light sanitisation compared to chemical sanitisation because chemicals are harmful to the environment and human beings.