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Brinjal / Round Ravaya 500g


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Brinjal / Round Ravaya 500g 



Brinjal – Pink Ravaya are loved for their hearty, flavoursome flesh and are used as a popular meat substitute in vegan and vegetarian meals.

Also known as Eggplant, or Brinjal can be cooked whole or cut twice leaving an inch at the end, somewhat resembling a flower. 

When slightly opened, small aubergines can be stuffed, the most popular recipe being Bagara Baingan— a Hyderabadi recipe to be served with Biryani or Bagara rice. 

  • Variations on Bagara Baingan include Gutti Vankaya and Bharwa Baingan
  • Brinjal – Pink Ravaya are used in Brinjal curry, Vangi bath and Brinjal chutney