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Green Chillies (250 gms)


Green Chillies (250 gms)

Just where would Asian food be without chilli peppers? Eaten raw, fried and roasted, widely known for packing a punch in your tadkas and curries, chillies also come bursting with natural health benefits.


Green chillies are specifically reputed to speed up metabolism, reduce cholesterol, are a natural source of iron, contain vitamins C and K and are loaded with antioxidants. If that wasn’t enough, this spice also boasts zero calories.

● Adds depth to your dishes
● 100 grams worth— can be stored and used immediately, even in the freezer 
● Fresh green chilli can be added whole to hot oil to mildly infuse dishes
● Crank it up a notch and slit the peppers, the seeds will add extra kick
● Spice masters can cut the chillies into tiny pieces, adding extra hot flavour to each mouthful