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Guwar Beans (250 gms)


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Guwar Beans (250 gms)

This bean may just hold the title for the most amount of names attributed to it. Guwar is commonly referred to as the following: guvar, guar, cluster bean, gavar, gawar, guara, gawar ki phalli and gokarakaya to name but a few, and has been cultivated throughout India for centuries. 


Variations on how to cook Guwar differ from region to region, from the classic Gujurati Guvar Dhokli to the Rajastani Masala Gawar Phali. Despite the differences in cooking it, one thing is for sure— Guwar is widely appreciated for its wholesome simplicity. 

  • Guwar 250g
  • Often cooked alone in vegetarian/vegan dishes
  • Guwar ki Sabzi (cluster bean curry) is a favourite across regions